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5 Indoor House Plants to Consider for Your Staging

Plants can help brighten indoor spaces and may offer other mental and physical health benefits. As such, it’s no surprise indoor plants are one of the favorite accessories of home stagers. Research has linked indoor plants with reduced stress, increased productivity, and improved quality for the home’s air. Some of the most effective house plants to improve the air quality are areca palms, Boston ferns, rubber trees, spider plants, and ficus tree, studies show. What are some hardy plants to consider using to spice up your listings with more green? A recent article by Kathryn Jackson Fallon at highlights some of the following indoor plants:

  • Norfolk Island pine

  • Cast iron plant

  • Snake plant (known as a nearly indestructible houseplant)

  • Cacti

  • Boxwood

Indoor plants can also be in a tabletop garden or terrarium. Get more ideas for weaving in more indoor plants:

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