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5 Trending Colors - Which Do You Like?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Sherwin-Williams just released the 5 latest color trends for interior and exterior doors. Adding a pop of color to your doors can help you stand out against the other homes in your community and can draw a persons eye to your home. But getting the color right is the key.

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Peppercorn's rich, charcoal shade is a color that's friends with everyone. Whether it's paired with white-washed brick or wreaths of greenery, this neutral hue makes it easy to coordinate your door with the rest of your home.


Need a little laundry motivation? Just like this cavapoo, we love the way an airy shade of blue can brighten a room. Waterscape is perfect for bringing a cheerful look to everyday spaces like the laundry room.


Instead of using white to contrast a darker exterior, try a pastel to create the same effect. Sprout’s pale shade of green on this Dutch door creates an inviting palette that makes your door a focal point.


A splash of coral color is a fun way to make your home feel bright and inviting year-round. These double doors in Quite Coral make a bold statement that pairs beautifully with natural accessories like potted greenery and jute rugs.


A hallway full of doors is the perfect place to get creative with color. A soft shade like White Truffle brings a subtle hint of pink that pops against classic neutrals like a crisp white.

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(Source: Sherwin-Williams)

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