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7 Crucial Staging Tips

Never under estimate the power of following a few staging tips to improve the value and appeal of your home. Ask your agent to walk through your home and give you some critical advice. Do not be offended by the advice they give as it truly will increase the value of your home. Each home will have some unique tips but in general there are some very specific things you can do. Here are 7:

Clean, Clean, and More Cleaning.

No buyer wants to offer top prices for a cluttered space. Buyers want to see the size of the room and want to know that the home has been well maintained. Clutter diminishes that and don't think you can hide the clutter but shoving it into the closets. Buyers ALWAYS open up closets, they want to see the storage capacity of a home and if your things are spilling out of closets or are strewn all over it gives a buyer the idea that there is not enough space. Rent a storage unit or pod if need be but clean up and clear out as much clutter as you can. Then before each showing make sure you spruce up your space and leave it looking as sparkling clean as you can.

Appeal to a Buyers Nose.

Not all smells are welcomed smells. If you have pets, have the carpets cleaned and make sure the pets and their supplies are removed from your home for each showing. Even if that means they sit in the car with you while you wait for a showing to be completed. Adding in soft and subtle fragrances is a nice touch but be careful to not over do; some buyers may have allergies. Stick to clean smelling fragrances like lemon and avoid strong fragrances like cinnamon. You want buyers to feel welcomed so they will stay and explore for a while. I have taken one step into a home and turned around and walked away due to the smell that hit me.

Fix the Small Things.

Take a walk around your home and if you see a small flaw that can be easily fixed, then fix it. You would be surprised at how quickly those small things can add up and how quickly a buyer will assume those small fixes are going to cost them big dollars.

Create a Flow With Your Furniture.

Each space in your home can be defined by the furniture you put into the space and the way in which you arrange that furniture. The furniture should be grouped in a way that it invites someone into the space and defines the space as either a sitting area, a dining area, a sleeping area, a gaming area, etc. Do not leave a space undefined no matter how awkward the space may be. There are thousands of design ideas online for any space you may have. Research ideas and use the furniture you have to define those spaces.

Make Bathrooms and Master Bedrooms Inviting.

Add in the small touches like hand towels and rolled up wash cloths, maybe some decorative soaps or bath bombs. Use soft inviting textures in the bedroom with throw pillows and a blanket draped across the bed. Use soft flowers or greenery and be sure to consider that you may be appealing to a male or a female so keep things neutral.

Use Lighting and Mirrors.

Wherever possible add lighting in both indoors and outdoors. Lighting sells, plain and simple! Always, Always leave the lights on in your home for a showing and make sure there are not dark hard to see spaces. Adding in some mirrors can also help brighten up a space and mirrors tend to make a room look larger than they truly are. It is a simple and easy trick of the eye.

Add Greenery.

You can either channel your inner green thumb or you can purchase artificial plants but don't miss this step. If you walk into any home decor or designed spaces you will see greenery. Plants bring liveliness to a room and add in visual interest. I have yet to have a buyer walk into a room with greenery where a comment is not made on the greenery in the room. When buying artificial try to find arraignments that look as real as you can. The days of artificial vines are out dated.

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