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Add a Little Coastal Design to Your Space: It Is The Most Popular Design on Instagram

According to a recent study by Angie's list, a Coastal Designed Interior is the most popular home design on Instagram all across the United States. However, not every home is near the ocean and adding a coastal design to mountain top homes, like we have here in Utah, is not advised. Anchors and sea shells don't make a lot of since in the Rocky Mountains, however, you can add small elements to your decor to give the subtle appearance of a Coastal Design.

Richer hues of blue are becoming very popular, like the colors see on the left. These are the hues that you would find in the deepest parts of the ocean. Don't be afraid to add pops of color to your space either with an accent wall or pillows and artwork. These are very calming colors and will draw friends, family, and sellers into your space to make them want to stay for while or feel at home. However, be very careful to not over do, these should be accent colors not a main color change to all four walls or a big blue couch and/or sofa. Utah's most popular design is still a Modern Design with lots of white, grays, and even blacks, however, blue is a beautiful accent to this design.

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