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Add Year Round Color To Your Landscape

One of the greatest blessing of living in Utah is that we have the pleasure of enjoying all four seasons of the year. This is an important detail to remember when designing a new landscape or when adding to an existing landscape.

Spring should have colorful flowers blooming on trees and colorful tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths dotting your landscape. Really any flower that has an early bloom can add a large pop of color. Many of these early bloomers have to be planted in the Fall so now is the time to start planning how to add those bulbs into your garden.

There are 1000's of beautiful varieties and you will want to plant them in large volume but don't let that steer you away from adding them to your landscape. They come back every year, often multiple, and are a low maintenance addition to your landscape. They will get a lot of compliments as that pop of color will draw eyes in your direction.

Summer should have grassy landscapes with plants that flower all summer long. Some of my favorite varieties are roses and daylilly's. Make sure your grass is well maintained. Mow it weekly, fertilize it each season of the year. There are many companies that offer an easy system to follow that will help keep weeds out of your grass as well. Then don't forget to water.

Roses bloom from late spring through fall and will give a bounty of beautiful blooms for your garden. They can even give off enough blooms for your to cut and bring the blooms inside. Pinch off the dead blooms and the plants will continue to bloom for you in abundance. Roses come back every year and are also a low maintenance plant with a huge impact.

Fall should have vibrant orange and brown colors. Your trees will certainly change colors in fall adding a deep richness to your landscape that will remind you of Thanksgiving, pumpkins, and cooler nights around a backyard fire pit.

Another great addition many don't think about however, is the addition of decorative grasses to your flower beds. The grasses add greenery to your beds in the summer and then in the fall the tips will turn brown creating a beautiful spot in your yard to take fall pictures. I have had neighbors come and ask to take pictures in our yard for that very reason.

Last but not least would be winter where many homeowners neglect to think about adding color to their landscape for the winter months. When your yard gets blanketed with snow, there are not many plants that will survive those conditions. But evergreens do. There are the traditional pine trees of course but some of my favorites are of the blue spruce and the golden euonymus. A blue spruce has a slight blue color to it that stands out against a snowy landscape adding unexpected color that draws the eye to them.

The golden euonymus has vibrant yellow and green on it year around. Both of these evergreens are easy to maintain and add a beautiful color pallet to your landscape year around.

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