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Agent-Led Video Chat Tours Available

Updated: May 11, 2020

Don't let the fear of going out during this pandemic keep you from searching for your next dream home. Our office is offering Agent-Led Video Chat Tours where we can help you to walk through a property virtually.

You can count on us to...

Whenever we can we will offer a floor plan prior to the call. The floor plan can help you get a better sense of the size and layout of the home.

We will be sure to comment on the condition of the home. Feel free to ask questions such as "do any features or surfaces appear worn or damaged". We can Zoom in and let you know the condition of areas that you may not be readily able to see from a screen. We will also let you know if we become aware of a floor creak or other sound and/or conditions as we walk around the home.

Location. We will comment on the area surrounding the home. For example, what is the noise level inside or outside of the home? Is it near a busy street or other noisy areas? Also, how close is the home to neighboring houses?

Check out the views. Besides just offering an interior view, be sure to show them the outside too, including what they will see when looking out the curtains or blinds. Show off the landscaping to help them determine whether it’s been well-maintained.

Light flow. Be ready to respond to what direction the natural light is coming in from. That can help a buyer get a better sense of how much light they’d get in certain rooms during the day.

Smell. Your buyers won’t be able to get a sense of this from video so comment on whether you notice any lingering odors inside or outside of the home.

Differences from the listing photos. Is there anything that looks different in person versus the listing photos? This is important as buyers try to judge a home from afar. Are the photos an accurate portrayal of the home?

This is a unique time and we are happy to help you feel safe in anyway we can.

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