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Backyard Oasis

For years, large sprawling lawns and gardens were what buyers looked for, but not any longer. While backyard space is still a top priority, most homeowners want a low maintenance yard that is an oasis from the world surrounding them. A yard that is broken up into smaller grassy areas, a comfortable seating area, and a cooking or fire pit area. This yard would include a small water feature to cut back on noise, low maintenance plants that use minimum amounts of water and would have a flow to the yard that makes the eye meander around the space. This can be achieved even in a small space when done right.

Use a mixture of rock, pavers, grass, and decking and then soften the features with low maintenance bushes, trees and plants. Think about each space and give it a specific use. Then don't forget to add soft lighting features to highlight the beauty and a small water feature. These features should affect your senses. In fact, when you walk into this space you want the space to touch as many of your senses as possible.

Ask: Are your eyes drawn into the space?, Can you hear the soft sounds of water trickling?, Is there a fresh smell of plants and dirt?, Do you feel compelled to enter the space and sit down to stay for a while? These small touches can make a huge difference when selling a home. I have had buyers specifically tell me that they chose a home because the backyard made them feel at home. It is so important to address the out outdoor spaces around our home as it can make or break the sale of a home.

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