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Concrete Slab? Tips For Dressing It Up

Concrete patios or slabs can be cold and uninviting. What can you do to transform it into something warm and inviting; an outdoor space that anyone would want to enjoy? Here are a few tips:

1. Furnish it

Create a place that homeowners would want to sit back and relax. Bring in a sofa and colorful fabrics in blues or greens. Add in throw pillows to complete the look.

2. Add a rug

Cover up that cold concrete by giving it a cozier vibe with a weather-resistant outdoor rug.

3. Make a focal point

Firepits are crowd pleasers. Bring one in to enhance the look of the space and show off the concrete slab as an entertainment area.

4. Light it up

Warm up the space with lighting to create a soothing evening ambiance. If there’s a pergola or canopy overhead, string a set of clear lights at the top for an inviting glow. You also can add solar lights to the perimeter of the concrete slab or tiki torches to give off summer lovin’ vibes.

5. Dress it up with plants

Plants and flowers can make even the dreariest of concrete slabs appear more inviting. Bring in containers of colorful flowers around the borders, or find ways to draw eyes away from the ground by displaying a trendy vertical garden that grabs attention.

6. Stamp and stain

Consider giving the concrete an upgraded look. A coat of paint and stain can instantly transform a concrete slab.

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Source: National Association of Realtors

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