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Home For Sale In December? Tips For Decorating

Many think that just because a house is listed means that they cannot decorate it for the holidays. Nothing could be further from the truth! Prospective home buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in their new home and a carefully decorated home can give that feel to a buyer.

Outdoor décor. Consider simple string lighting for an elegant holiday touch and invaluable curb appeal. This year let’s keep the ten-foot inflatable snowman inside and all décor to a minimum!

Indoor décor. You will want to highlight your home’s best features by considering that buyers want to imagine their holidays in the home; their family gathered in the kitchen to decorate Christmas cookies or eat a Holiday Meal. Gatherings in the family room to open presents and host family game night.

Use holiday decorations to your advantage to make the home feel warm and inviting but do not over do.

It is still important to put away family photos and remove clutter where you can. When decorating, also keep in mind you want it to be equal opportunity décor. Avoid overtly religious finishes but it is ok to leave out the nutcracker. Highlight the home’s features; if the home has a tall foyer, a large tree could add to its grandeur. The final step to prep your home is to create an alluring aroma with fresh-baked sugar cookies and hot apple cider.

Finally, make sure to keep your eye out for neighborhood Grinch's and leave the presents stored away! Unless of course, you’re sticking to a virtual open house this Covid season.

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