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How to Make a Cramped Backyard Appear Bigger

Backyard space has become a premium for buyers during the pandemic. Be sure to make every square inch of it count in your listings. After all, however small that concrete slab or back deck is, homeowners can still show it off as usable entertaining or relaxation space. HouseLogic, a home improvement resource, offered up several ideas for living large in a small backyard footprint.

One way to make the space feel larger may seem counter-intuitive: Divide it, experts recommend. “Creating a space within a space makes it seem larger because it gives you a separate experience,” Joy Diaz, chief marketing officer at Land Care Inc., told HouseLogic. For example, she recommends a small wood pergola, short trellis, or arbor that can be used to separate a patio table from chair loungers.

Privacy is another big theme in outdoor space these days. A peaceful space will always feel roomier, writes Jamie Wiebe for HouseLogic. Use larger plants to cozy up the space and make it more private. For example, a purple smoke bush container plant can grow up to seven feet a year. Climbing vines on a trellis can also provide privacy.

Use the vertical to maximize outdoor space. Any walls, fences, and railings can be used to add vines or a living wall of flowers, herbs, or other greenery. “It draws the eye up and outwards, and gives it a green and completely different look,” Diaz told HouseLogic. “It can change the atmosphere of the area. You’ve walked to a different experience from your home—it’s a psychological and emotional change.”

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Source: Realtor Magazine and “5 Small Backyard Ideas to Make Your Cramped Outdoor Space Feel Like Versailles,” HouseLogic (2020)

"Copyright NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission."

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