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Is Your Small Home Causing Arguments?

Turns out the smaller your home is, the greater chance you have for arguments with your spouse.

QS Supplies, a bathroom retailer based in the U.K., surveyed 791 Americans and 507 Britons to determine living arrangement satisfaction with a romantic partner. Among their findings: Certain home sizes may make some relationships more difficult.

Households sharing less than 538 square feet fought an average of 4.8 times every month—more than once a week. Arguments tended to center around the home, too, according to the survey. Consumers complained about chores not being done, cleaning habits, and paying the bills.

Surprisingly, those with less than 538 square feet of shared space (converted to 50 square meters in the study) also were more likely to fight about not spending enough time together, the study finds.

This has never been more apparent than during this pandemic and experts are predicting that larger homes could grow in demand when life gets back to normal. A recent survey from® and Toluna Insights shows that consumers say their “must have” features in their next home after sheltering in place would be to find a home with greater space and an outdoor living area.

Other must have features starting to trend:

  1. Bidets

  2. Home Office Space

  3. 3+ Bathroom Homes and

  4. Home Gyms

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Sources: Home Small Is Too Small? QS Supplies (April 2020) and Realtor Magazine

"Copyright NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission."

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