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Most Popular Interior Design Styles By State

Angie's list recently studied which interior design styles are featured most often on Instagram all across America and with 87 million posts and counting they had a lot of data to pull from. When a photo design is posted to Instagram it is most often tagged with a particular style. Looks like Coastal decor and mid-century modern designs are the most popular design styles in America.

And then there is Utah and Nevada which are two, out of only 4 states, that tend to want to stand out against the norm. The most popular design trending in Utah is a Modern Design.

If you are looking to do some updating or remodeling of your home to prep it for sale here in Utah, then taking a modern twist would be a great idea. It will likely yield higher sales prices for you and give your home a clean well maintain look for showings.

The best spots in your home to remodel and update are still the kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and the yard. Any little modern twist you can add will help so be adventurous and if you stick to these areas of your home you will easily re-coop your costs and and then some.

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Source: The Most Instagrammed Interior Design Styles by State,” Angie’s List (2020)

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