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Tips to Properly Clean Your Electronic Devices

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend daily cleaning of “high-touch surfaces,” including smartphones, tablets, screens, and keyboards, to curb the spread of COVID-19. The virus can live on the surfaces of such electronics for two to five days, according to cell phone review website, which recently surveyed 1,000 Americans on their phone cleaning habits.

Americans are getting better about daily phone cleaning, with the number of those doing so rising from 22% to 44% since the pandemic began, the survey shows. Still, researchers note, more than half of Americans are still not cleaning their phones daily. People touch their phones an average of 2,617 times each day, according to research firm dscout. Phones can carry more than 17,000 bacteria species, whether they have a touchscreen or keyboard.

About 66.8% of Americans say they clean their phones more than once a week, which marks a big improvement from pre-pandemic times, when that percentage stood at 42.7%, the study shows. But 13.4% of Americans say they never clean their phones at all, despite health recommendations and COVID-19 concerns. “Phones are harbingers for germs, bacteria, and viruses, and most of us don’t clean them often enough,” researchers note.

Here are a few tips from the National Association of Realtors Tech team for cleaning your devices:

  1. Disconnect keyboards and mouses from all electrical sources (If they are wireless, turn off the power buttons on the devices)

  2. Disinfecting wipes work well on all the surfaces that are not a screen. Be sure to squeeze any extra liquid from the wipes before using them and then be gentle with your keys and devices when wiping them down.

  3. You can use a small tack to get into small spaces be careful to not use too much pressure.

  4. When cleaning screens either on your cell phone or your computer monitors, be sure to use the manufactures recommended cleaning supplies so you do not damage the coatings on the screens.

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